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What is Organic?

The term organic refers to the manufacturing and production process of our food, both plant and animal. Organic products are grown without artificial chemicals and pesticides. The rules are set by the government and compliance is monitored by SKAL. Recognized by the European certification for organic agriculture and horticulture {image} logo. Previously, the EKO hallmark.

What is Demeter?

A Demeter company has a biological base, but goes further. Biodynamic operation is based on the principles of anthroposophy. Demeter is about balance, consistency and optimal health of soil, plants and animals, humans and the universe; a holistic view of food production.

Why Choose Organic

To answer this question we need to look beyond the results of a scientific investigation. We are convinced that organic is better, not only for ourselves as human beings but also for animals and the environment.

Consider answering this question for the plants, animals, environment, seed production and the experience of food.

Does it taste better? Is it healthier? Is it better for the animals? it is better for the earth? YES!! We are convinced it is. Some things are very clear. The fact that no artificial fertilizers and pesticides are used is of course an important point. Bio-agriculture does not use genetic engineering!

Animal welfare is another important point: the animals have more space, are fed biologically and are not provided with preventive medication.

What is Organic Certification

Organic Certification is a certification process for producers of organic food and other organic agricultural products.

Did you know

Eating celery once a week will keep your teeth clean and prevents plaque build-up by producing more saliva in your mouth.


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